About Us

The Western Gateway is a cross-border economic partnership of Local Authorities, City Regions, Local Enterprise Partnerships and Governments (in Wales and Westminster), working together to bring additionality to the area’s existing strategies and structures.

Across Britain the economic map is being reshaped by devolution and the emergence of regional powerhouses. The Western Gateway goes one step further than ‘regional’. Covering the core cities of Bristol and Cardiff, it stretches across south Wales and western England, from Swindon to Swansea, Wiltshire and Weston-Super-Mare to Tewkesbury. Our focus is inclusive and clean economic growth, where scale and collaboration can achieve more for our people and the wider economies of our countries than our constituent parts could achieve alone.

We have a great combined track-record of economic success, innovation and creativity, making our ambition to be the UK’s driver of a greener, more inclusive future economy one that is within our grasp.

We are a new partnership with high ambitions, so we are balancing the need to create a solid launch-pad for our long-term initiatives with our desire to make swift progress on quicker wins at this key time for our countries’ economies.

Over the coming year we will work together at pace whilst making sure that we bring people on the journey and work in a balanced, evidence-driven way to build our longer-term vision and strategy.